Quality Jethro Tull Awarded Websites Index
The Official Jethro Tull Website
This website is made and maintained by the members of Jethro Tull. You'll find a lot of details about
the band members, their interests and links to interesting places. News, tour-cards and nice bits and 
pieces all the way - one of the best Websites available by any rock group on the internet !

Cup Of Wonder: The Annotated Jethro Tull Lyrics Page
Ever heard a Tull song and wondered what it was about ? Then this is the website for you. Jan Voorbij
has done (and keeps on doing) some incredible work on annotating the Jethro Tull tracks. I admire his 
hard work and his way of digging up info about each track, he's updating all the time so check in often !

Jethro Tull Press
Formerly the "Jethro Tull Print Archive", with a new look and even more articles/photos.
This is a new website that popped up real quick. A lot of research and hard work resulted in a valuable
resource for all Tull fans, lots and lots of articles and text about Jethro Tull from 1966 until today.
The first time I visited this website, I found myself reading Tull articles for several hours....so will you !
Great work Andy, it's much appreciated !

The Ministry Of Information
This website offers the full annotated 'A Passion Play', a very interesting and detailed setlist database
with the complete tour schedule. Nice design and lots of information - well worth a long visit !
This website is also a place for Jethro Tull CDR-traders, over 160 titles to choose from......

Electrocutas.Com - The Jethro Tull Archive
Pete has a great website with lots and lots of information about both official and unofficial Jethro Tull
releases. You will find an incredible detailed discography on both bootleg CDs, LPs, 7" singles, 12"
singles, tour programmes, etc. Lots of quality photos of each item - well worth a long visit !

Laufi's Jethro Tull World
Laufi has his amazing way of finding news about Jethro Tull before anybody else, and his website has
some very important and valuable information to any Jethro Tull fan. He updates often and has a nice
professional design that makes his website easy to navigate. This is also the home of the German Jethro
Tull Fan Club "Beggar's Farm".

This Is! - The Jethro Tull Lyric Library
A nice design, and best of all - easy to navigate. This website has lyrics to all albums, and annotations as
well, you can also submit your own annotations here. But the best part is that this site has small realaudio
clips of every Tull track on every album. You can also search within the lyrics library - great work Wes!

Paradise Steakhouse: The Jethro Tull Database
A great website with almost everything - I couldn't begin to describe every single thing this website has to
offer, so I suggest you have a look for yourself: articles, interviews, Tull radio, chats, history, multimedia,
sounds, images and news. And you won't have a problem navigating this site - enjoy !

Witch's Promise
Sam Thirouin's website is offering a large guitar-tab archive, along with some quite unique Jethro Tull
multimedia stuff; such as screensavers, logoscreens and themes. He also has some nice audio offerings,
both midis and realaudio files.

Jethro Tull Photo Site
Bruce Mironov has been so kind to upload from his personal collection of Jethro Tull photos, and what
a fantastic selection of photos it is. No other website has so many quality Jethro Tull concert photos from
1972 until today to offer. Lots and lots of great high resolution photos ready to be seen by you.....


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